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OnePlus 5 receives OxygenOS 4.5.2 update, includes bug fixes, optimization

    oneplus 5 gray front

    After launching in India on June 22, in less than a week, the OnePlus 5 smartphone has already received its first update. Arriving as OxygenOS 4.5.2, the update isn’t exactly a major one, and it primarily consists of bug fixes and improvements. Early morning today, a OnePlus staff member posted on the company’s blog informing about the update.


    NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover spots evidence of ancient lake on Mars


      NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover is examining the edge of a crater on the red planet that may once have been a lake of liquid water. The Opportunity rover found rocks at the edge of Endeavour Crater that was either transported by a flood or eroded in place by the wind. The features were seen just outside the crater rim’s crest above Perseverance Valle

      Samsung speeds up VR business in the United States


        In a bid to boost its virtual reality (VR) business in the US, Samsung Electronics Co has recruited experts and joined up with new partners, a media report has said. Citing industry sources, Yonhap news agency said that Silicon Valley-based Samsung Research America has recently hired five experts of VR technology in line with its new business

        Soon, wearable devices can be charged with body heat


          Scientists have designed a flexible energy harvester that may pave the way for wearable devices which are powered using only body heat. Wearable devices used to monitor a variety of health and environmental measures are becoming increasingly popular. The performance and efficiency of flexible devices, however, pale in comparison to rigid devices,

          Researchers develop system to detect sarcasm on social media


            To help people with autism, who often have difficulty interpreting sarcasm, irony and humour, researchers have developed a ystem for interpreting sarcastic statements posted on social media.

            “There are a lot of systems designed to identify sarcasm, but this is the first that is able to interpret sarcasm in written text,” said Lotam Peled from Tec

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